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The virtual German Hosiery Museum is a project of the German hosiery industry and an intermediate step towards the realization of the "physical" museum.

In the virtual museum building, you will find information on our inventory and planned content of the museum. This website will be updated continuously according to the progress of our research and new developments. Therefore, the content of the departments varies. Updates of this website will be communicated in the "news" section.

Unfortunately, we can only show a selection of our extensive collection in the virtual Museum and focus on the main points of the content we plan to present at the Museum in the future.

In the Sections "Hosiery & Technology" and "Hosiery & Fashion", the German Hosiery Museum's goal is to provide extensive documentation on the history of legwear, especially on its development in Germany.

By selecting a floor of the virtual museum, you will reach the "Theme Rooms", from where you will be able to access the various topics. You can access the websites of the project sponsors by clicking on their logos.

We would appreciate it if you recommend our Museum to others. Please direct questions, comments or constructive criticism to the "Hosiery Café" on the second floor.

The German Hosiery Museum will be constructed at a centrally located site in southern Germany in the next several years. We will provide more information about the location as it becomes available.

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